Hi! My name is Fabienne. I’m a wife, a mother and a Doula UK certified birth doula. I have birthed two beautiful children of my own, Sebastien and Eloïse, one born in a birth centre in the UK and the other was a home water birth in the USA.

I am franco-british and bilingual, so would be happy to work with you in French, should that be your mother tongue.

I trained as a doula in the UK with Nurturing Birth in 2010, and went on to complete Doula UK’s certification process in 2012. Since then I have immigrated to the USA, given birth to my daughter Eloïse and settled in to life in the Bay Area.

Before becoming a doula I was a classical singer, performing in the UK, France, Romania and the USA. But when I fell pregnant with our son, I became fascinated by all I was learning about birth physiology. I was amazed by the number of choices that can be made in respect to birth as well as the effects those choices can have. My curiosity was sparked, and following my son’s life changing water birth, I knew I wanted to help other women have a positive birth experience.

Ultimately, I trust in each woman’s innate ability to draw on her inner strength to birth her baby. Although I am a passionate advocate of natural childbirth, I know that a woman can also have a positive birth experience whether she elects or needs a caesarian section, or if the unexpected happens and an assisted delivery becomes necessary. I believe the secret lies in three key principles: knowledge, choice and confidence. Without these, all too often a woman can feel cheated, even violated, as if the birth of her child was something that was inflicted upon her, rather than the empowering, life-enhancing journey it should and can be.

I have experience of working with VBAC, single mothers, mothers over 40, LGBTQ families and families conceiving with IVF. Whether you are planning on giving birth at home, at a birth centre or hospital, I can support you and your partner on the transformative journey that is Birth.